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Chart Pattern Finder - CP Finder

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Chart Pattern Finder - CP Finder

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Dom Abr 11, 2010 11:34 am

Chart Pattern Finder - CP Finder

===== Release Description ======
Release Name: cpfinder 5.0.3 + Keygen
Official Website:

Software That Gives You An Unfair Advantage! Introducing cpFinder
(chart pattern finder), an exciting new stock charting program that you
can use on all of your favorite commodities, futures, forex, and stock
market data to scan for highly profitable trading opportunities.

Turning patterns into profit!

Have you ever suspected there may be patterns in the price data of
stocks? There certainly are! and once you know how to spot these
patterns, you can easily profit from them!

cpFinder helps you identify and pinpoint highly profitable trading
opportunities by scanning for all of the most recognized patterns
within price data, all within a matter of seconds.

It is the easiest way of determining which way the market is about to

Less stress, more profit for you, on all commodities, indexes currencies, and stocks!

Traders have always agonized over when to enter a market.

It's a nail-biting, stressful decision. They often get the direction
right, but the timing wrong, and see what could have been a profitable
trade escape them. The secret to successful trading has always been to
enter the market when the risk of it moving against you is low.

Fact:If 100 people were to start trading for the first time today, only
20 of them would still be trading after one year. After five years,
there would only be five left!

Why?Because the single most difficult decision a trader must make is
when to pull the trigger - and most traders simply do not have the
experience, or the nerve, to get it right more often than not.
cpFinder takes away all of the stress of having to make all of these decisions for yourself. Visit
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for more information.

====== Installation Notes ======

Unzip "" using a file archiver (eg WinRAR). Type password if prompted.

Run setup.exe file to install. Use keygen.exe to generate a registration key


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