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Finding The Forex Grail Of Trading

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Finding The Forex Grail Of Trading

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Dom Feb 28, 2010 12:23 pm

Finding The Forex Grail Of Trading

What is the real Forex Grail of trading?
“Your success or failure doesn’t depend on your system!”
is the one area that I wish I had studied first. I personally battled
for months and months before I got the right training. When I did, I
knew I was going to become a professional Forex trader. It wasn’t just
about being more confident about trading Forex. It was a “knowing” a
feeling inside that completely changed. I knew at that time, I had just
discovered the Forex Holy Grail of Trading.

Learning to beat the Forex market is just like the reality of training for a professional football game or for a battle.
There is a grueling process of skills training, drills, focus, mental
toughness and discipline, which has to take place. Soldiers are
mentally prepared for tough fighting conditions. Without their mental
training they would quickly fail.

99% of Forex traders know nothing about the Forex trading mind-set.
History has proven over and over that 95% of Forex traders will not
survive the brutalities of the market place without intensive mind
training, and the ability to master their own thoughts and emotions.
I’m talking about is the single biggest reason why traders fail. Most
Forex traders think that the Forex Holy Grail is the about finding the
best trading system or trade set-up.

The Forex Grail is about finding, knowing and believing in yourself as a professional Forex trader.Traders
both experienced and inexperienced have gone through this roller
coaster ride of searching for their Forex Holy Grail. Going through
emotional ups and downs. To say that it becomes easier over time isn’t
really true. For most traders without the proper mindset, it actually
becomes harder and end up blowing out their trading account or just get
so frustrated they end up leaving the trading business.
If your emotions are constantly tossed up and down on the waves of the financial markets.If
you go from heart-pounding anxiety to being light-headed.If your
getting emotionally exhausted from riding the ups and downs of the
Forex markets, then stop trading right now! Over the longer term, this
constant emotional stress takes its toll both on the mind, body and
relationships with friends, family and peers. Who really enjoys being
with someone who’s on the edge majority of the time?
Getting a
great Forex education is essential to your success as a trader. But
having said that, you can have the “most profitable trading system” a
“reputable broker”, study from some of the “best Forex books”, a great
“charting package” and even the best “Forex training seminars”. All of
these factors will not secure your success as a Forex trader.

The single most important information you will ever learn as a trader is finding your own Forex Grail. The only way you can succeed as a Forex trader is to master your trading emotions.

These are the factors that will secure your Forex trading success:
1.Learn to trade without any emotion
2.Complete peace of mind
3.Simple steps to develop the trader’s winning mind-set
4.Learn to discipline yourself to eliminate emotional trades
5.Eliminate stress, fear and anxiety
6 Discover the secret, which separates winning, wealthy traders
7.Get the edge over 98% of traders
Stop looking for the Forex Holy Grail on the outside and start looking on the inside!
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