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Trailgator EA

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Trailgator EA

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Sáb Ago 06, 2011 10:36 pm

It Works with ANY brokers, ANY timeframes, ANY pairs
It Does not Automatically Open Orders
FasTesT The Software That allows you Control TS
No need for experience or Any Prior Knowledge How to tune IT.
100% FREE of Risk
No need for Any Special Knowledge as a pre-Requisite
No Other like IT in the World Trailgator, Trailing Stop is an indicator and Not Not is an Expert Advisor. It neither you clues on the exact moment, When you Should Open an order, NOR IT opens the Orders by Itself for you. It Patiently waits, Tracks and Follows your actions instantaneously to kick-in, while your profits Holding fixed. Your Entire Interaction with IT Could be summarized in three simple steps These: * Step 1: You install Trailingator in a chart of a Currency pair. * Step 2: You adjust two simple parameters: Trailing Stop and Trailing Step. * Step 3: At the critical moment you open an order.

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