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NovusOrsa v3.0

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NovusOrsa v3.0

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Lun Ago 01, 2011 6:56 pm

The system is based on some simple concepts: * To be successful in
trading any market, you need to know where it's going. Many people try
to guess/predict this. The truth is nobody can predict it. 
But that’s
not anything you need to care about. It's enough to be able to follow.
But you need to know what, where, when and how to follow.
* Prices
oscillate around a neutral point where buyer and sellers reach agreement
over prices. The more the price moves away from the neutral level, the
greater probability it will go back. In other words: overbought assets
will be sold, oversold assets will be bought,
* Prices move in
cycles. Trading with the cycles is like sailing with the wind—it's much
easier! However, the Forex cycles are a bit irregular - cycles change
due to many factors: unexpected or important events, news, rumors,
holidays, etc.
* Trading times. Time matters - most people start
and end work in the same (local) time. Some nations have some particular
habits like siesta for example, etc. Big institutions have fixed
trading times. We know about Asia, London and US session. But this is
just an overview. We need to know more to be in the right place in the
right time.
It's like a trip: you need to know when to start to
be in time for a plane, ferry or train. There is also some correlation
between markets for different instruments. I found Forex markets
correlated with futures markets at certain points during a day. That's
most probably why my system works best on 30 min. charts - the basic
timeframe for institutional futures traders.
I put all these
elements together to create an environment to answer the most important
trading questions: what, where, when and how.
I created some tools
showing this environment all on charts. The environment not only makes
trading opportunity clearly visible, but also gives users the
opportunity to plan trading in advance.
This environment, and the understanding it gives the user, can be combined with a number of different trading strategies.
While all the above sounds simple, and charts show nice curves and
prices seem to be curved orderly, things in the real world are not that
simple and not that perfect.
First of all - everything changes:
* What you can see as a nice pullback can turn into a reversal two hours later.
* What it looks like a textbook bounce from a channel boundary may turn into a short step back before powerful breakout.

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