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ZeroLag Tema multi color

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ZeroLag Tema multi color

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Lun Jul 18, 2011 4:24 pm

ZeroLag Tema multi color indicator was programmed for elite section. This became an interesting indicator: it uses 25 buffers internally just for calculation + 6 for drawing == 31 in total, so it is breaking the 8 buffers limitation of metatrader by far. As of how it works : since there are 2 lines in that indicator had to add some options to choose how to color the whole thing, so now we have 3 modes of color displays. The main switch is MultiColorMode. If set to true, it will display lines in multi color mode, otherwise it will display as before. When in multi color mode, we have 2 modes to switch: each line is going to be colored depending on its slope, or the color will depend on relative position of the 2 lines - one color when a line is above other line other color when a line is bellow the other line.

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