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The Markets Never Sleep: Global Insights for More Consistent Trading

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The Markets Never Sleep: Global Insights for More Consistent Trading

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Mar Jun 30, 2009 10:43 pm

Markets Never Sleep: Global Insights for More Consistent Trading

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The world's financial markets operate twenty-four
hours a day. During virtually every hour of the day and night, someone,
somewhere is trading—yet many U.S. traders seem oblivious to that
reality, focusing only on the day markets in Chicago and New York.

Beginning the trading day with the opening bell of the
NYSE, says veteran trader Thomas Busby, is like showing up for your eight-to-five
job around two in the afternoon—you are very late. As he explains,
trading is a twenty-four-hour game and those who understand that fact
will be in a better position to limit risk, increase their trading opportunities,
stay on the right side of the action, and be more consistent and profitable.
In The Markets Never Sleep, Busby reveals how you can use modern technology
to take full advantage of the twenty-four-hour nature of the markets.
He lays out the basics of how global markets work and explains the significance
of understanding global connections and why traders need to know them,
showing how to think globally and stay alert to any major geopolitical
or economic event.

Offering an insider's view of the professional trader's
work day, the author reveals his own trading strategies, outlining the
criteria he uses for trading equities and describing the process he uses
for buying and selling stocks, as well as his techniques for trading equity
index futures contracts. And since, as he shows, it is impossible to be
consistently profitable without understanding and using the market's key
numbers, Busby explains how to read the major statistical indicators,
as well as illustrates the significance of fuel prices, precious metals,
futures indices, and other market indicators. Going beyond the numbers,
Busby also helps you deal with the enormous role that psychological factors
play in trading, offering strategies for handling the greed/fear dilemma,
techniques for staying mentally positive, and advice on how to avoid obsessing
over trading and maintain your normal lifestyle.

Whether you're an experienced or novice trader interested
in short-term or long-term trading, The Markets Never Sleep will provide
a clear and profitable path through the financial maze of the global marketplace.
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