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Mental Fitness for Traders E Book

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Mental Fitness for Traders E Book

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Dom Jun 21, 2009 9:12 pm

Table of Contents

1. You’ve Got a Great Trading System… So Why Are You Losing?
2. Limiting Your Winners and Letting Your Losers Run?
3. Could This Be The “Huge Winning Trade” You’ve Been Dreaming Of?
4. Coping With Losses: A Major Key to Successful Trading.
5. Are You The Turtle Or The Hare?
6. I See The Future And The Successful Trader Is Me!
7. Yum! The Seasoned Trader Feeds on the New Trader.
8. Risk Capital? At Least You Thought It Was.
9. The Force is Within You, Luke. It’s Not the Trading System.
10. Manage Your Workspace Correctly and Good Things Happen.
11. Need Help With Your Trading? Talk to Yourself!
12. Heavyweight Bout: You vs. The Market… Take Notes!
13. Forget Gurus… Your Experiences Are The ONLY Ones That Count
14. Trading Is a Thinking Man’s Game: WRONG!
15. Trader’s Expo Report… Zombies Among Us

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