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Gomega GBPJPY E.A.

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Gomega GBPJPY E.A.

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Mar Jun 16, 2009 10:07 pm

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Its been a very volatile week for the Pound Yen. While it hasn’t been a good week to showcase the profit potential of GOMEGA GBPJPY, it has turned the unique smart stop loss feature into a star
performer. The “Trailing Semi-Parabolic Stop Loss” as it is referred to
by GOMEGA has been able to safely exit the trades when the market has spiked
against its position. So in spite of the choppy conditions, Gomega
GBPJPY is still sitting in profit for the week.

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Gomega GBPJPY will only enter a trade during an 8 hour window when
the market has the most liquidity. That being the end of the Asia
trading session and the start of the London session. This is considered
the best time to trade in this currency pair and Gomega GBPJPY has been
very consistent at always getting on the right the market trend. It
then monitors the market conditions and manages the exit strategy on
every tick, 24 hours a day. So even when the market is as volatile as
it is at present, it was still is able to exit with precision.
Overall I am very impressed and looking forward to more normal
trading conditions next week and a good solid perfomance by Gomega

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