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MobyDick EA

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MobyDick EA

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Lun Ago 16, 2010 5:29 am

MobyDick EA
Russian EA. Description translated.

Introducing the latest version of adviser MobyDick V2.6.
It has been significantly improved basic principles
as early as the first version, where the adviser MobyDick
demonstrated its phenomenal performance and stable
+ Additional first order, which reduced
+ Fixed incorrect installation SL, which
sometimes arise when you restart MT4
+ The optimization of the source code

The basis of the work laid indicator Parabolic SAR, which
considered in detail in the book Wilder "New concepts
technical trading systems »(New Concepts in Technical
Trading Systems). Its special feature is that
parabolic system perfectly able to determine the moments
exit the market. Parabolic SAR at the moment remains
one of the best methods of obtaining the maximum return on
powerful movements (strong trend), which often
occur in the global financial crisis.

MobyDick great way to earn so
difficult time!

Shopping Tools: ANY (Currency Pairs + CFD +
Timeframe: ANY
Filters obstacles opening positions during Fleta.
Ability to trade only, or just BUY SELL.
«TakeProfit» and the discovery of new orders and the dynamic
vary based on market conditions.

EA, Backtest 1HR results and description inside package.

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