Taming the Lion: 100 Secret Strategies for Investing Summary:
By Richard Farleigh

Product Description:

About The 100 Rules

The rules are based on two broad experiences. Firstly, my involvement
with investing and trading has been an endless pursuit of looking for
patterns and developing my own repeatable methodologies. I have wanted
to turn an art into a science. Secondly, from so many conversations with
intelligent and educated people, who are curious about markets, but
have been unhappy with a lack of useful reading material.

The book is intended for anyone with an interest in trading or
investing, whether they are amateurs or professionals. The laws grew out
of a series of popular lectures that I gave in my early career and out
of the process of training new people to trade the markets.

Perhaps a unique thing about my approach in this book is that I have
developed a framework which is applicable to all markets, whether they
are bonds, money market, commodities, currencies, stocks, or property.
The more I have learnt about these markets the more I have been
convinced that it is sensible to approach them the same way. This is
very useful, especially when some markets are underperforming.

This is a serious book. It is definitely not a "how to get rich quick"
trick. I have presented my observations and interpretations as laws for
practical purposes. It incorporates equally a lot of groundwork analysis
of markets.

In finance there has been a gap between practitioners and the
theoreticians. I intend to bridge that gap with a solid and, at times,
theoretical explanation for my observations. Nevertheless, I have
presented the material in a personal way. It is light hearted, with lots
of anecdotes. I have not done endless amounts of research on each of
the laws, so at times I may have erred on the detail. However it is
always the concepts that are important, as these are what I am trying to
get across.