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xb forex v4 system

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xb forex v4 system

Mensaje  Admin Cazadores de Pips el Dom Jul 18, 2010 2:42 pm

xb forex v4 system


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Re: xb forex v4 system

Mensaje  lump11 el Miér Jul 21, 2010 4:46 pm

Hola mod, muchas gracias, se ve interesante este sistema.
Aca dejo el manual del sistema que encontre en un foro.

This is the manual:
Here is what the author
has to say

If you see, there is 2 lines on main chart. The one with thick line I
call Main MA,
and the other one (thin line) I call Fast MA.

If the fast line (thin) crossed main line (thick) and both color is red,
you go for SHORT.
Check also xb-ind (seems like MACD) also in red color.

So basically you go short when all is red and go long when all is blue
(check if fast MA on top/below Main MA).

You can see also some “reseversal line”.

When the market sideways, normaly price is always bouncing.
So, if the price is bullish then will predict the price will reverse at
line and the price will change to short.
Remember, this is only prediction. If the price still bullish, it break
the “break out line”.
Then we know the bullish trend has been set.

Also, you can use reversal line when two lines has different color.
For example when the main line is blue (long) and fast line is red
(short) and fast line on top of main line
(So main trend is bullish).
We can predict that price will drop and touch around reversal line and
bounce back for bullish.
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